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Got To Get Revolver - Super Deluxe Edition Into Your Life

So here it finally is; 50 years after my father brought me home a copy of Revolver after a business trip. A lot of the commentary about Revolver: Super Deluxe Edition has rightly focused on Giles Martin and co’s loving artificial intelligence-assisted remixes, while The Guardian and Fatherly are obsessed with the fact John Lebanon’s original version of Yellow Submarine was somewhat morose. Paul McCartney’s “dunno” attitude to the highly technical conversation between George Martin and the string quartet playing on Eleanor Rigby is hilarious. But for me, it’s this. The three electric guitar-driven version of “Got to get you into my life”. The version I always knew was there, because I COULD HEAR IT way, way, way back in the mix on the original version (possibly even bleeding from McCartney’s headphones when he did the lead vocal). Why did they dump this for the Stax/Tamla-Motown horn section version we all know and love? Possibly because the original sounded a bit too much like Paperback Writer, Rain or Dr. Robert. Apologies to anyone who hasn’t got Apple Music.

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